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IVY is the Answer

Use our API IVY AI - The first free conversational API for Small Talk and call the 09 71 18 05 34
Téléchargez l'ap IVY® version bêta by kwalys

IVY is an open and accessible API, avalaible for use since Febuary 1rst 2019.
Free, collaborative et Open Data, IVY uses AI to understand and find the best suited answers
to users' requests, using SMALL TALK to respond to specific issues.

IVY is based on a huge data set and with NLP training benefits from regular teaching,
allowing to enhance its capabilities.

49% of bots users hang up if they do not receive any answer.
With IVY, your virtual assistant will understand all requests and always give an answer.

Improve the performance of your conversational bots by at least 30%.
How does it work?


Try it

Speak to IVY with the bot online


Use it

Following your first conversation, if you wish, ask for the API key



Connect IVY to your bot
and when there is no answer,
IVY will give one


Get an answer

If an answer exists,
IVY will send it to your bot

Discover IVY, the first conversational API

IVY aims to help all BOTS and answers most frequent requests made by users:
make a demand by mail to receive the key

one mail = one key : contact@@@ivy-ai.com

A few answers given by Ivy:
I love this color
When are you going on holidays?
I find it normal, don’t you?
Where are you going on holidays?
I’d like to visit Prague

I’m going to pass the vacuum cleaner
Let’s get out of here
We don’t know
I don’t want to speak to you
I can get you in if you want
I bet you’re pretending
You’re not aware yet
What color is it?
She’s my best friend
What destination do you suggest me?
What can you say?
Not too bad
I don’t know
How are you?



The only limit:
the imagination
of your interactions



Improve IVY’s learning
by adding content


Open Data

The knowledge base
is open and will be
auto-supervised by
the end of the year